Missions & responsibilities


           The Secretariat is responsible for the general coordination of the agencies/ sections within the Computer Center as well as coordination with other entities both within and outside the university in order to ensure smooth operation of the Computer Center. These includes correspondence, finance and accountancy, procurement, organization improvement and conferences, planning and budgeting, personnel management, vehicles, and public relations.

Networking and Communications Section

          Networking and Communications Section consists of:
          1) Computer Network Unit is responsible for managing and providing internet network and information services; installation of signal distribution equipment (Core / Distributed / Access Switch); signal connection and distribution via fiber optic; security and stability of computer network and information systems; managing speed of communication in the computer network system and the Internet as well as providing application software on the Internet.
          2) Telephone System Unit is responsible for the management of telephone system of the university; installation of telephone exchange; installation of telephone receivers; installation of direct telephone lines; installation of IP-phone systems, monitoring repairing and maintenance of the telephone systems.

Information Technology Development Section

          Information Technology Development Section consists of:
          1) Learning Innovation Development Unit is responsible for providing computer server for online courses and virtual learning; supplying online learning management software (LMS); creating space for learning services; controlling user accounts; developing learning innovation in the form of electronic media and publishing sources for learning innovation in order to provide self-learning services to lecturers, students, staffs and guests.
          2) Information System Development Unit is responsible for developing new information system to support the administration of the University and other agencies; developing and improving management information systems (MIS); developing and updating websites of agencies and the university.
          3) Information and Communication Technology Capacity Development Unit is responsible for providing academic services on information technology to the society; providing information technology training for students, university staffs and the community; preparing policies and practices in the field of information security of the university; Relaying and raising awareness of information security of the university.

Information Technology Services Section

          Information Technology Services Section consists of:
          1) Information Technology Unit is responsible for providing licensed software, computer room for information searching, trainings and seminars, and computer study; managing and providing software services and information for students, staffs and other agencies within the university.
          2) Broadcast and Teleconferencing Unit is responsible for providing a teleconference room at Mahasarakham University which are Meeting Room 1, Meeting Room 2, and Meeting Room 3 on the 4th floor of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn building and at the Coordination Unit, Mahasarakham University, Bangkok Office, as well as broadcasting live events and activities of the university through the Internet.
          3) Computer Maintenance Unit is responsible for the maintenance of Information Technology equipment of units within the university as well as providing computers and equipment to support the university's activities.