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AUTHENTICATION :User account authentication system service

          User account authentication system is in accordance with the Computer Crime Act BE 2550 which requires that a service provider must keep user information for at least 90 days to allow identification of users of the Internet among students and staffs of the Mahasarakham University.
          User must have a user ID and password that is assigned by the Computer Center in order to use the university's network. Users are prohibited to disclose their user IDs and passwords to others. To prevent posting of false information and dissemination of information that could lead to damage (all applications will be logged in accordance with the law), user accounts can be examined at
          User accounts for students with ID 59 onwards:
                  Username: Name
                  Password: ID Card number
          User accounts for students
                  Username: student ID
                  Password: ID Card number
          User accounts for staffs
                  Username: same Username as the MIS
                  Password: ID Card number
          To obtain a user account, contact Technology and Information Service Unit, Room B 311, 3rd floor, Computer Center, Wittayaborikan Building B, telephone number 0 4375 4352 extension 2455.
          Open Monday - Friday 08.30 - 20.30 hours. Saturday - Sunday 08.30 - 16.30 hours. Closed on public holidays.

Office 365 for Education

          Office 365 is a simulation that move the work to run on the Internet where the information is stored on the Cloud system. It is highly secured and allow users to individually manage and share resources with others as if they are working on a virtual software on their own PC or notebook where they can run various resources on the Cloud anywhere anytime 365 days a year, as long as they are connected to the Internet. Office 365 provides anywhere, anytime "collaboration system" for students and staff of Mahasarakham University in addition to emails such as Microsoft Office 2016, Outlook Mail (50 Gb), One drive (storage starting at 1TB), Site, Skype, Calendars, etc. Students and staffs can access the software or application at the same time with one login via the Internet from different parts of the world on any device. The service is free for the students and staffs who can also download Microsoft Office 2016 to install on their own your computers.
          Check user accounts at and access the applications at
          For Alumni wit ID code up to 57
                  username such as
                  password : same as the authentication system.
          For students with ID code 58 onward
                  user name such as
                  Password : Pw@ <13 ID card number> for example Pw @ xxxxxxxxxxxxx.
          For staffs who want to obtain user account for Office365, contact email: with the subject "request E-mail Office365" and give the firstname and lastname in the Thai and English languages as well as the name of affiliated agency. A reply will be made within two days, or contact the Technology and Information Services Unit, 3rd Floor, Room B311, Computer Center, Wittayaborikan Building B, extension 2435.